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May 5, 2010

Database vs Data Warehouse

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Today I and my colleagues argued about difference between data warehouse (DW) and database (DB). My colleagues spoke what there are no difference between DW and DB. I proved the opposite. Anyway …

There are some answers which you can find in internet.

“Database is used for transactional purpose it is volatile in nature i.e values changes in database.
Data warehouse is used to store historical data it is non-volatile in nature.”

“Technically DB and DW are same because data warehouse is also based on database.
In the aspect of the content they are different because data warehouse has more historical data and oriented for data analysis.
Data warehouse sometimes contains the concept of data modeling as well which is based on data warehouse and utilizing the multidimensional star schema for fastening the analytical procedure.”

“DW is also a database but the purpose is for business analysis.”

“Database is the place where the data is taken as a base and managed to get available fast and efficient access.
Data warehouse is the place where the application data is managed for analysis and reporting purposes.”

Also good source “Database vs. Data Warehouse“, “Oracle9i Data Warehousing Guide Release 2“.

In continuation “Difference between Data Mart and Data warehouse by Anne“.

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