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July 20, 2009

Analysis Solution

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Most databases in a business environment are designed as online transaction processing (OLTP) systems where data is frequently inserted and updated. In an analysis solution, most operations read data in order to allow users to analyze key business metrics and make informed business decisions. There are two main categories of analysis: multidimensional analysis and data mining. An analysis solution allows users to perform one or both of these kinds of analysis.

Multidimensional data analysis

The most common kind of analysis is a multidimensional data analysis– sometimes referred to as online analytical processing (OLAP). In a multidimensional analysis solution, data is arranged in a multidimensional cube structure in which aggregations of numerical business measures are intersected by various dimensions of the business. For
example, you could create a multidimensional analysis solution that allows users to view sales totals by order date and by customer.

Data mining

Data mining solutions use mathematical algorithms to analyze data and generate trends and predictions based on statistics and patterns in the data. A data mining solution consists of one or more data mining models in which a particular data mining algorithm has been applied to a representative set of business data in order to identify trends,
clusters, or statistical relationships between key data items. The data model can then be used to predict business measures for similar data. For example, you could use a data mining model to analyze past purchases made by customers, and then use the model to suggest products that an individual customer is likely to buy based on purchases made by customers with a similar demographic profile.

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